How do we get started?

We begin with a phone conversation and typically schedule an initial meeting with you at your property to learn more about your site, as well as goals and concerns.  That initial meeting also gives you a chance to see our work and get to know us better. With information gathered, we put together a detailed fee proposal for you to review. We embark on project work only after you have reviewed and approved our project fee proposal


    How long does the process take? 

    Most owners we work with bring a great deal of concern to developing their property and want to consider every aspect of the design, so schedule is driven by the owner's decision making process.  For residential projects, master planning takes about 2-3 months to complete; complete construction bid documents take about 6 months to complete. We are not working on the project that entire time, but find this duration gives owners time needed to review options and move forward with a design that is thoughtful, useful, and wonderful.


    When will we know how much it will cost?

    Accurate cost information is critical.  We provide preliminary pricing during early schematic design.  Our estimates are based on knowledge of the construction climate.

    The most accurate cost information is the price provided by the builder you want to work with.  For this reason, we recommend owners meet builders before design is complete.  We prepare detailed interim drawings to obtain price proposals; owners can also use the process to meet and select a builder who is then on board to advise as design is completed. 


      When does the builder get involved?

      Some owners begin with a particular builder in mind; others make the selection during the design process.  In either case, we recommend talking with builders as the design takes shape and before construction bid documents are complete.  We can actively assist owners with builder selection.  With more than 20 years of experience in design and construction, we can identify the strengths and weaknesses relevant to your project.  Newbridge Architecture has enjoyed productive relationships with a number of excellent builders over the years.  A builder’s involvement during design can help answer cost and construction questions so that the project proceeds more smoothly.


      What makes a project successful?

      When the construction work is done, we want you to feel that your project is a complete success.  We work hard to monitor project costs, to develop thorough and coordinated documents, and to respond quickly to job site questions. 

      More than that, we know that the owners we work with want to create places of meaning and delight.  Achieving that is hugely important to us.  We start by listening carefully to your concerns and aspirations.  We study the design in many formats:  plans, sketches, physical models, and even full size mock-ups.  We endeavor to develop every aspect of the design - proportion, light, material, and space - to amplify and support the every day experiences that you enjoy in the place in which you live or work.